The Ultimate Chewing Gum Removal System for your Business

Discarded chewing gum can leave unattractive stains on pavements and other surfaces and like all litter, it can negatively impact customers’ views of a business, as well as harming your local environment. The sticky nature of chewing gum means that it can be a struggle to remove gum from certain types of surfaces using conventional cleaning methods. We offer a fast and effective chewing gum removal with our state of the art, dedicated chewing gum removal systems (the Matrix GTS). Talk to us today to see how we can help your business look its best.

Matrix Cleaning Systems

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Your Commercial Partner

K&K Cleaning Services can provide expert and innovative chewing gum removal equipment and solutions to ensure a fast and environmentally friendly way to remove unsightly chewing gum marks from concrete, bricks, tarmac and other affected areas. We use a specialist technique which makes us a leader in industrial chewing gum removal. K&K Cleaning Services trained specialists heat the chewing gum to 150℃ which then removes the chewing gum from surfaces by using a jet of water at 1,250 pounds per square inch.

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